Bhutanese Cuisine

Bhutanese meals are characterised by the hot chilli pepper and cheese; put them together and you have the national favourite – Aema Datsi (literally chilli and cheese).  Aema Datsi is considered the national dish with numerous variations: Kewa Datsi (potato and cheese), Shamu Datsi (mushroom and cheese). Chilli dominates all Bhutanese food and if you do not like spicy-hot flavour, be sure to point out how hot, that is how much chilli you can take in your meal.

Staple diet is rich in meat and poultry, dairy, grain (particularly red and white rice) and vegetables. Salted butter tea, or suja, a local favorite, is served on all social occasions. The adventurous might want to try a cup of suja which is a great way to warm you up on cold nights. The local brew called arra (a spirit distilled from rice, barley or wheat), local beer and spirits are also available and widely favoured.